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Welcome to LAX Parking Curb Express
Lax Parking Curb Express is the only valet parking company that solely does curbside to curbside personal valet only at the LAX Airport. DRIVE - THRU  LAX  PARKING
Our service offers the fastest and most convenient way to park and fly at lax airport.
A personal valet will ride with you from our location curbside to your departure airline terminal curbside, in the comfort of your OWN VEHICLE.
The personal valet will assist you with your luggage, then he will drive your car back to a secured parking facility.
When you return,call us and your car will be delivered to your arrival airline terminal curbside.
Our service eliminates the hassle in traveling and the time consuming that traditional parking offers. THERE IS NO WAITING, NO SHUTTLES, NO SERVICE LINES, AND NO LUGGAGE TRANSFERS.
Your car will be parked in a covered or uncovered facility that is clean, well-lit, secure, and professionally maintained.
Our location is very convenient. We are located JUST a block away from LAX.
We are licensed and fully insured.
Our courteous valets are experienced drivers .
We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.